THE STRENGHT IN CONCRETE REINFORCEMENTSuperMesh synthetic fibers are colorless, collated mini-bundles
of fibrillated split film virgin polypropylene. When these are mixed into the concrete, they provide multi-dimensional secondary reinforcement. SuperMesh fibers are engineered and manufactured exclusively for use in concrete and cement based products.

Why Choose Supermesh
The Mechanical bonding properties of split film fibrillated fibres are superior to other alternatives. The large surface area of the fibre combined with the lattice network of the fibrillation allows the cement paste to grasp the fibres and prevent the cement matrix from shrinking and forming cracks while the concrete is in the plastic state.

The mechanical bonding increases the performance of the concrete in all measurable areas. The multidimensional reinforcement provided by the fibres gives the plastic concrete more tensile capacity to resist typical volume changes and helps distribute tensile stresses more evenly. This more even distribution reduces the frequency of shrinkage cracks and reduces their length and width.
Engineering Data:
Material: 100% Virgin Polypropylene
Tensile Stength: 97 ksi avg (0.67kN/mm2)
Modulus(Youngs): 103 ksi avg 0.58(4.0 kN/mm2)
Melt Point: 330° F/(165° C)
Ignition Point: 1100° F/(590° C)
Chemical Resistance: Excellent
Alkali Resistance: Excellent
Absorbtion: Nil
Fibre Length: 0.5″ (13mm)- 0.75″ (19mm) | 1.5″(38mm) – 2″(50mm)

Supermesh (packs of 1.5 lbs each)